Find the most up-to-date version of AASHTO R 18 at Engineering Procedure Checklist. AASHTO R Quality Systems Manual. P. F. N/A. Quality Management System. 1. QMS available for use and understood. Our standard of excellence works for you. “Nobody ever questions us when we submit our accreditations for a project based on procedures, proficiency sampling .

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The directory is updated frequently and is the sole source for current accreditation information. Technician training records November 1, Changes in AASHTO standards can be found on the online version by observing the red vertical line on the left with the change highlighted.

What are the benefits? Your customers can view this accreditation listing and will likely use it as a method of determining whether or not you are competent to perform a given task. The goal of this article is to give you a few pointers on preparing for your on-site assessment.

When it comes to changes in the AASHTO R18 standard they can be subtle and be brought to your attention in the form of non-conformities during an on-site assessment, ouch. Being successful is about viability and qashto. Ease up on those brakes! I mean, do they even do anything with that information?

You may have noticed that our program has undergone quite a few changes over the last year. Complete your Annual Review form online. Our standard of excellence works for you “Nobody ever questions us when we submit our accreditations for a project based on procedures, proficiency sampling or lab audits.

Keeping up with the latest changes in standards can be easily overlooked in the process. Set-up is easy, just follow the intuitive step by step process to input your laboratories specific information to complete your quality manual. Our standard of excellence works for you “Nobody ever questions us when we submit our accreditations for a project based on procedures, proficiency sampling or lab audits.

Our standard of excellence works for you

You should be proud that your laboratory has been through an on-site assessment and has completed the requirements of the AASHTO Accreditation Program.


We are an international trade organization promoting quality management for construction materials laboratories. Following these steps will help you get the most out of the assessment process and ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible. AASHTO-accredited laboratories have proven their commitment to quality and can set themselves apart from their competitors. The compound effect Aashfo 1, We expect staff to always communicate to our customers in a professional manner, provide detailed analysis and responses to customer inquiries, and review assessment corrective actions within 2 weeks of receiving them from the laboratory.

AASHTO accreditation applies to specific laboratory locations and does not have umbrella coverage from the parent entity, each location must maintain its own accreditation. Whether the finding has been minor and easily resolved, or it has required you to revamp your entire training and competency evaluation program, just about everyone has aashtoo there before. Developing an effective QMS does require precious time and resources, but the benefits will far outweigh the work involved when the procedures and processes are followed and continually improved.

The first part of my series Part 1 — Why Bother?

As mentioned in our last post, customizable section numbers can be added to the quality manual to give the laboratory more flexibility in their Quality Management System.

This article will help hone your understanding of documenting competence and interpreting the requirements of quality system standards. Accredited laboratories undergo rigorous on-site, third zashto assessments. Changes in ASTM standards using Compass can be found by aashtto version comparisons when viewing a specific standard. We have modified some of our operations in an attempt to keep up with customer expectations and to ensure we remain a trusted and reliable source of accreditation services in the construction materials industry.

That might not be so obvious. Specifiers can include departments of transportation, local municipalities, or even corporate offices that manage several branch laboratories. Recent Popular — a benchmark year December 1, In the past, tracking information for one hundred, ten, or even three laboratories was a daunting task.

The documentation provides us with your organizational structure, along with other basic laboratory and personnel information. Ah the dreaded customer feedback request. In Part 2, I taught you how to get started with developing your QMS documentation, and you learned some tips to help ensure your documentation is effective.

  DA PAM 611-21 PDF

I get asked a lot of questions about all of our programs. It gives us a good feeling that every time we do an audit, it will meet the minimum standards that are accepted in the Northeast. When it comes to the array of requirements, options, and best practices, there can be a lot of confusion about what you are supposed to be doing.

An organization can benefit from developing and implementing an effective QMS in many ways. Being a specifier can be challenging, and requires constant review of ever-changing laboratory aahto, such as proficiency sample ratings or accreditation status. Managing proficiency sample reports — Tracking quality. By maintaining accreditation, you are showing your continued commitment to excellence.

Ever get tired of those pesky dandelions in your otherwise lush yard?

So, it makes sense that your laboratory also has a policy for ensuring the competency of the subcontractors and vendors that you use. Service Expectations We strive to provide excellent service to our customers by being professional, accurate, competent, and timely. Or at least they should. Aashtk to our mailing list.

AASHTO Accreditation Overview

Changes in standards When a laboratory takes on the task of accreditation it seems like a daunting task to initiate and maintain. This change was made to improve the consistency of our assessment of laboratory conformance to the ASTM quality system standards that require technician certifications.

The gold standard for laboratory accreditation in the construction industry. Understanding the requirements of biographical sketches and position descriptions will help your laboratory meet AASHTO R 18 requirements, which will save time during the quality system review and annual review processes.

Comparison of AASHTO R and ISO/IEC

Follow all AAP Procedures for completion of corrective actions by the specified deadlines. Quality is established in laboratories through training, and understanding testing standards by implementing a quality management system.

A specifier is any entity that requires laboratory testing to be performed by an agency that participates in one or more of AASHTO re: