pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your camera and more at ManualsOnline. Panasonic AG-HPXP Camcorder User Manual. Page 1. AG-HPD24, Memory Card Portable Recorder. AG-HPX, AG-HPX, AG- HPX, AG-HPX, AG-HPX, Memory Card Camera-Recorder. AG- HPX Search for operating instruction manuals. and Professional AV Global Web Site ยท TOP > Search for operating instruction manuals > Terms of Use. Prev Page.

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It has a lot of cool features like programmable buttons, extra focus options, and digital zoom. Variable Frame Rates vfr 2 times and 2.

The best degree video cameras. The DSP performs a variety of adjustments, including eight types of gamma settings, for each of the R, G and B channels. The P2 cards are rather expensive however the newer ones seem to have dropped in price which is a relief on the ag-hhpx170 book.

Bear in mind that this process will delete all the data on the drive. Precaution For Use Page 24 Panasonic makes no guarantees for your recordings.

In this case, “less” certainly means more: In this case “less” certainly means more; removal of the deck translates into a variety of extra features, including a 75mm lens with improved wide-angle capability, vector scope, waveform monitor, HD-SDI output, a 6-Pin locking FireWire port, and 3 focus-assist modes.

Raise the P2 card eject button and press it. Yes Other Digital Video Out: Declaration Of Conformity Model Number: The security lock and security cable are designed to prevent theft, but Panasonic will not accept any liability for damages resulting from manjal. The P2 based media, though, is still costly, and the tradeoff for great pictures is short record times.


This is a wonderful camera with tons of features.

Panasonic AG-HPX P2HD Solid-State Camcorder AGHPXPUJ B&H

Magnifies the center portion of the image. Using the setup menus Use the setup menus to change the settings to suit the scenes you are shooting or what you are recording. Displays a frequency distribution graph at the top right in the viewfinder and LCD monitor. The only thing I would really change is a secondary focus that would control the focus ring on the side so you could do manual zoom in with your left hand and focus with your right hand. Video Terminal x1 Output Composite Video: Records the date at recording.

The camcorder feels nice and sturdy. The few negatives I have found thus far is there is no usb cable included when buying the camera. However, the cost of P2 media and limited recording times continue to be an issue with the adoption of P2 outside the broadcast and indie cinema industry.

Before operating this product, please read the instructions carefully and save this.

Panasonic AG AG-HPX170 Manuals

Makes the detail thin. Please enter your comment! There is not enough free memory on the HDD.

P2 Workflow is fantastic 2. Rated 3 out of 5 by Garret L. The camera-recorder shoots in the 24 fps native mode.

Menu-After-Menu allows for a week or so of reading if you’re migrating from, say, Canon -as is common with any new vendor. Makes the detail slightly thicker. For critical shooting you will need an external monitor, as with most camcorders. Notify me of new posts by email. Its main downfall is Panasonic’s DVCPro codec which makes the footage a little noisy and less than sharp.


It is great to get away from tapes. Keep a spare battery with you. This manual also for: Adjusting the gain When the display is dark, increase mamual gain to brighten the display. Canon EOS R review: Setting user information Setting user information allows you to store 8-digit memo information such as the date and time in the hexagonal format on the manyal code track area. The HDD has been disconnected. For the latest information on the unit and on the memory cards which can be used by this unit, go to the P2 support page at the following web site: See any errors on this manula

Cleaning When cleaning, do not use benzene or thinner. Cannot perform interval recording, one-shot recording or loop recording. Page 19 Lift up the viewfinder, press the side of the card slot cover Aand slide the cover B to open it. This camera is an outstanding value for these applications.

If necessary, make preparations prior to undertaking the operations. These scene files are extremely tweakable allowing you to get just the image you want by adjusting color and gamma levels.