Annamalai Swami – Final Talks [Edited by David Godman] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. These are dialogues that took place between. Final Talks. Edited by David Godman. Our rating 5 out of 5. Paperback. pages. Published by Annamalai Swami Ashram. Dialogs with Annamalai Swami, a Self-realized expert on Self-enquiry The final section of the book contains transcripts of conversations that.

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Can I have sat sangh of Bhagavan even though he is now dead? It happens when you understand and know that the mind never existed. Eric marked it as to-read Apr 06, Write your review here: If you analyse your alternating states you will discover that it is your direct experience that you exist whether you are awake or asleep. annamalal

Annamalai Swami: Final Talks

Come to the conclusion, by direct experience, that you are really consciousness itself, not its ephemeral contents. If you light one corner of it with the flame of discriminative attention, it will all burn to nothing. The best way to do this is to replace them with ideas which more accurately reflect the real state of affairs.

Even if you don’t see the Self, the Self is still there.

Enquire into their origin or find out who has the thoughts and sooner or later the flow of thoughts will stop. The fundamental vasanas such as “I am the body” or “I am the mind” have appeared in us so many times that we automatically accept that they are true.


When we think “I must meditate” or “I must make an effort” we are just organising a fight between two different vasanas.

You annzmalai be that consciousness but you can never see it because it is not something that is separate from you. However, if you relax your vigilance, even for a few seconds, and allow new thoughts to escape and develop unchallenged, the siege will be lifted and the mind will regain some or all of its former strength.

A flame has two properties: Just remain like the sky and let thought-clouds come and go. But Self is not like this. Reading can be a hindrance. Ram Tirtha once told a story about a small boy who ran down the street, trying to catch up with the head of his shadow. If you can maintain the siege for long enough, a time will come when no more thoughts arise; or if they do, they will only be fleeting, undistracting images taalks the periphery of consciousness.

Instead, cultivate the strong awareness, “I am the Self. Residents and fnial at Sri Ramanasramam in the s. I cannot break this habit merely by thinking “I am not this “little self””. Sudheer rated it it was amazing Jan 31, We all know that it is coming from the reservoir.

But the Guru cannot do everything for you. But how to do this? He was transmitting grace through his anger as well as through his kindness.

When you chum curd and separate butter and buttermilk, they will not become one again after they have been separated. After you have reached that source, you discover that everything that exists — world, Guru, mind — is one. Seami substratum upon which the false idea of the mind has been superimposed is the Self. This is not a hagiography; Annamalai’s Maharshi is a surprising figure who does quirky and sometimes puzzling things.


Doubts take possession of you only if you forget yourself.

Can thinking about this idea really help me? It was my experience that through continuous sadhana I gradually relaxed into the Self. He dug the pit and stood in such a position that his shadow was on the bottom of annamalaii. Cyndi marked it as to-read Jun 24, You taalks to make a strong determined effort to remain on the peak when you first reach it, but eventually a time will come when you are fully established in the Self.

Everything was in order and the book, well packaged.

Annamalai Swami: Final Talks

All you have to do is stop believing them. It is true that he said that these repetitions are only an aid to self-enquiry, but they are a very powerful aid.

Stacey marked it as to-read Apr 21, How can I get rid of this “little self””?