AR 700-82 PDF

AR /OPNAVINST A/MCO Joint Regulation Governing the Use and Application of Uniform Source Maintenance. AR –82/SECNAVINST /AFMAN 21– This regulation contains internal control provisions in accordance with AR 11–2 and identifies key internal . AR JOINT REGULATION GOVERNING THE USE AND APPLICATION OF UNIFORM SOURCE MAINTENANCE AND RECOVERABILITY CODES.

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This definition does not include support equipment, but does include repair parts for support equipment. P sixth position will then indicate intermediate is authorized between O and D levels.

H The maintenance activity capable of complete repair of the support item is the following intermediate activities: Conversion of existing printed publications and materiels is at the Service and PA discretion. Item may or may not be available through salvage. The specific managers responsible for using this checklist will be designated by the cognizant headquarters staff functional principal for example, an applicable field operating activity.

Repair should be performed at the designated specialized repair activity. General Recoverability codes are assigned to support items to indicate the disposition action on unserviceable items. Consumable or expendable item A non-repairable item or repair part, which can be discarded more economically than it can be repaired or which is consumed in use.

Army Publishing Directorate

Depot kit defined as a kit that provides items required at the time of depot overhaul or repair. X series source codes, page Policy, Implementation, and Format. The lowest maintenance level capable of complete repair of the support item 70-082 the depot activity. Table C—5 X wr source codes Source Code Application and Explanation XA Item is not procured or stocked because the requirements for the item will result in the replacement of the next higher assembly.

Marine Corps programs throughout. Air Force source, maintenance, and recoverabilitycode change requests para Are the SMR codes available in technical publications such as, allowance lists, illustrative parts breakdown manuals, repair parts and special tools lists, maintenance manuals, and supply documents?


Complete repair level The authorized maintenance activity with the capability and resources to perform all maintenance functions identified for a specific capability and approved by official maintenance documents. These codes will be assigned when all parts for assembly, the required support equipment, and the skills required for the assembly are available at the specified maintenance activity. Positions 1 and 2.

These are the same type of items evaluated in the development of an SMR code during acquisition. The decision to code the item for removal and replacement will require that all the resources necessary to install and assure proper operation after installation of a replacement item for example, preinstallation inspection, testing, and post-installation checkout are provided see table D—1.

M series source codes, page 10 Table C—4: End item A final combination of end products, component parts, and materiels, which is ready for its intended use for example, radar system, control panel, tank, mobile machine shop, aircraft, engine, and ground support equipment.

Both afloat and ashore intermediate activities are capable of complete repair of support item USN only. Proponent and exception authority. Item is removed, replaced, or used at contractor facility. The Service proponent will provide the necessary oversight to implement the development and maintenance of SMR codes defined herein.

It is not intended to cover all controls.

Rotable Component or inventory item that can be repeatedly and economically restored to a fully serviceable condition. Recoverable, condemn at intermediate activity.

Item to be assembled at depot maintenance activity. M series source codes. Army munitions list items and strategic list items Service ae codes. End item or support equipment procured and stocked for initial issue or outfitting for specific maintenance repair activities.


S u p p l e m e n t a t i o n o f this regulation and establishment of command and local forms are prohibited without prior approval from the Deputy Chief o f S t a f fG — 4 D A L O – Z A5 0 0 A r m y. When uneconomically repairable, condemn and dispose at either afloat or ashore intermediate levels USN use only.

Identifies unique requirements to be considered when an item is condemned. Uniform source, maintenance, and recoverability code format, page 8 Table C—1: The SMR code provides maintenance activities with repair level responsibilities, support method that is, procure, manufacture, 7000-82. Army programs will use a Code C in the 3rd position to denote crew or operator maintenance performed within ground field maintenance. AF Item to be assembled at intermediate maintenance activity.

Not subject to automatic replenishment.


Army munitions list items and strategic list items Service option codes, page Use this publication for the processes of acquiring logistics management information, supportability analysis summaries, maintenance plan development, maintenance repair analysis, and other provisioning functions. PD Support item excluding support equipment, procured for initial issue or outfitting and stocked only for subsequent or additional initial issues or out-fittings. Military Services and PAs may delegate coding responsibility to the procuring military Service or PA by mutual written agreement.

F The lowest maintenance activity capable of complete repair of the support item is the following intermediate activities: Instructions Answers must be based on the actual testing of key internal controls for example, document analysis, direct observation, sampling, and simulation.

No parts or special tools are procured for the maintenance of this item. The lowest maintenance activity capable of complete repair of the support item is the organizational activity.

Then use replacement item.