Nearly two decades ago, the rumors began: In the Atacama Desert of northern Chile, someone had discovered a tiny mummified alien. The humanoid was first discovered in in the remote Atacama desert region of Chile, but I did not learn of the existence of the specimen. A recent paper identifying a much talked-about centimetre skeleton as human has come under fire from other researchers, who allege the.

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As the dry conditions dessicate the specimen, the cartilage of the developing bone acts as a precipitation matrix for the salts, increasing the opacity of the cartilage to X-rays.

Atacama skeleton

How are the epiphyseal plates affected in mummified foetuses? September 20, at 6: Along with all the intentional arrogance that Dutifully Tags along, aaah! Additionally, the humanoid has cervical and lumbosacral spine lordoses that one would not expect in a fetus or infant. Which supports the idea of a 14 week old foetus, where the bottom pair of ribs has yet to develop. May 6, at 9: Ataczma the are you to disagree otherwise? Or, Paolo, what conditions would satisfy you that Ata is not a fetus?

Notice how the ribs have well begun their angling downward so that the vertebral attachments are a bit higher than where they join the sternum.

Analysis of the Atacama humanoid alien |

Subscribe Top Menu Current Issue. Postmortem processes are complex and specific to the environments in which they occur. The most abundant mineral in the desert is silcon in sand.

The cranium does look odd — but a rapid passage through a narrow female pelvis a very young mother or a rachitic pelvis might have squeezed the soft cranium out of shape. Photo of the Day. PaoloV your heels seem to be dug in a bit too deeply here.


Please comment specifically on this…. I never thought so few people knew so much about about so many strange humwnoid

To suggest that a hook-abortion procedure could have deformed that skull proves that you know nothing about the development of the human skull.

He noted that there is no known form of human dwarfism that has this presentation and set of findings. March 20, at Interesting, at no point is huanoid said that life cannot exist in other parts of the universe, so I think you may be responding to atacams argument with a straw man of your own construction.

If this were just some freak circus activity promoting a hoax, what would it look like?

If the angling of the ribs in addition to the known ossification timeline of the ribs of a foetus are not enough for you to consider the possibility that this is not a fetal human, then what would count as a counterexample? It does for sure. I find that distressing from a scientific standpoint. A medical doctor has no need of the skills of a palaeopathologist or forensic archaeologist — which is what you would need to undertake the examination of this specimen.

December 30, at 6: Antonio Huneeus has covered the UFO field from an international perspective for over 30 years. You cannot know if the remaining percent is degraded or not.

What’s The Real Deal About The Atacama “Alien”?

They completely dismissed it at first because of how disturbing it was. The post-mortem changes in a full-term fetus quite often lead to mummification, even in the cool, humid conditions in Denmark. You are commenting using your WordPress. So thanks for your time in advance.


Genetic tests reveal tragic reality of Atacama ‘alien’ skeleton | Science | The Guardian

Rather than afacama visitor from another world, Ata numanoid a girl who appears to have been stillborn, or to have died immediately after birth, with devastating mutations that shaped her extraordinary body.

Not Exactly Rocket Science. It is clear from this report, however, that the creature is not a crude hoax as was cavalierly suggested by a Complutense scientist who suggested while remaining anonymous that the whole thing was a hoax made with bird bones.

Story highlights An unusual skeleton found in Chile has perplexed people for more than a decade Whole genome sequencing revealed what caused its abnormalities.

July 16, at Paolo Viscardi Museum Minute. These radiographs demonstrate findings not previously described in Atacqma mummies, including congenital lunate-triquetral fusion and destructive skeletal lesions not explainable on the basis of vandalism by tomb robbers.

May 22, at 6: I got the impression they made the hole when they were analyzing the DNA. Paolo Ataczma, I found this article three and a half years after the atzcama but want to say you managed to maintain an even-tempered discourse through the internet-slam-salad and so I send you my deep admiration and empathy.

July 4, at 2: At the time, the film was still in production, so Nolan reached out to producers and offered to examine the mummy’s DNA, Zimmer writes. I was a bit trollish above, but my motivation is to have a conversation, not to be a dick.