ISBN Avery Monsen is an actor, artist, and writer. Jory John is a writer, editor, and journalist. They are friends, and neither is dead. Yet. If you’re a dinosaur, all of your friends are dead. If you’re a pirate, all of your friends have scurvy. If you’re a tree, all of your friends are end tables. Each page of.

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Simple, fast and fun. I really liked it as silly as it sounded!

Mar 28, Anya rated it really liked it Shelves: I just didn’t find it funny and I didn’t really get the big hype. It helps to have a warped sense of humor. In f I kept seeing this book everywhere for the moneen couple years.

Cute and quick picture story.

All My Friends Are Dead

And this isn’t a dig on my aer Archived from the original on August 22, I think this is one of those moments where the idea seems hilarious, but its implementation has sadly overlooked the expense of years of remedial tuition, as well as a lifetime of therapy. I would almost have another baby just to raise them on this book.

Around the Year i These are cartoon frames that make up a loosely put together freinds. View all 6 comments.

View all 5 comments. For the Esham song, see Judgement Day album.

Don’t try and shame me. Jun 17, Emma Sea rated it really liked it. It seems when you’re desperate to connect with people, you become some sort of friend repellent. But when I look out into this world, I am struck by the impossible beauty of it all. Some times I think I’d like to live forever Nov 27, Lisa Vegan rated it really fead it Shelves: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


It wasn’t for me so I wouldn’t recommend it. I got it at the library, but will try to remember it for eventual gift giving.

View all 18 comments. A while back, a colleague of mine told me he had a picture of a clown projected up on monsenn board, and a student ran out of the class screaming. Aer have faith that someday, a warm light will flood over me and I will find peace. This is a funny book about people with no friends because of several reasons: Those billions of magnificent accidents that led us to where we are today, that led us to paper planes and nautilus shells and the tiny, crooked smiles of children.

All My Friends Are Dead by Avery Monsen

The only happy person frkends the whole book? And then he felt like this guy. Each page of this laugh-out-loud illustrated humor book showcases the downside of being everything from a clown to a cassette tape to a zombie.

I stood and read the whole book, not long, but I stayed to the end. Nov 30, Anastasia Riebs rated it it was amazing Shelves: I felt sorry for all the characters but especially for this tree. This is, in essence, a book for existential children. I promise you’ll laugh ’till you cry Sometimes you pay a buck or less at some Library book sale or garage sale and discover an absolute treasure that stays with you for the rest of your days My favorite example is The Collected Poems of Philip Levinea just a criminal inversion of cost vs.


That one really got me. It seems when you’re desperate to connect with people, you become some sort of friend r This is a funny book about people with no friends because of several reasons: I avrey become actually conscious till I was about 28, by which time it was far too late. Because any night could be your last.

A dinosaur says all it’s friends are dead. I can never tell. Oops, look who wins again! Aer don’t know what to say about this. The vagaries of the reading life are a funny thing.

All My Friends Are Dead — Avery Monsen

This book is awesome. From the sock whose only friends have gone missing to the houseplant whose friends are being slowly killed by irresponsible plant owners like youAll My Friends Are Dead presents a delightful primer for laughing at the inevitable.

It does feature a dinosaur trying to grok the message of death as a comet hurtles towards him.