Elias Chacour was the Archbishop of Akko, Haifa, Nazareth and All Galilee of the Melkite Greek . Chacour is the author of two best selling books, Blood Brothers and We Belong to the Land. Blood Brothers covers his childhood growing up in. Elias Chacour enjoyed a simple childhood in Biram, a small village in Galilee. School, church, and family met his needs and nurtured his soul, so he grew in the . Elias Chacourt is a Melkite Catholic priest and a Palestinian. Blood Brothers is at once the story of Elias’ life growing up by the Sea of Galilee and an.

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It means we conquer by stooping, by serving with love and kindness, even if it means personal danger or financial hardship. The following month, we discussed Blood Brothers at my regular book group, and my British friend Niki spoke about what she learned about Palestine and Israel growing up, a much more complex and multilayered picture than what we were fed in the U.

They make mistakes, agreed, but aren’t they all just well meaning pe Before reading this book I thought I had quite a balanced view on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This book changed that perspective, without me going over to the other side: As his work to promote peace grew in notoriety, he was a frequent advocate for bridge building between different people groups.

At a young age, he and other Palestinians were unfairly branded as “terrorists” even though they were not. Chaclur by Elias Chacour. They need your friendship.

Elias grew up and struggled to cope with his anger towards the zionists he still wanted to make peace within his own people. He tells a touching story about arriving in the deeply fractured city of Ibillin, where he arranged to have three nuns visit and reach out to the villagers.

He explains some of the conflicts that he and other villages faced in northern Galilee in and how he dealt chcaour it then and later on in his life.

Blood Brothers – Elias Chacour | Not Always On

Elias uses decent descriptives and word choice, touching on each scene long enough for you to get a glimpse of what Elias Chacour writes with vivid detail of chacokr childhood in a war-torn village, adolescence in excruciating education, and adulthood as a priest, spreading truth and peace as he went.


But if taking our side would mean to become one-sided against my Jewish brothers and sisters, back up. I would also recommend it to anyone who needs a refresher or they just need to learn about the middle east because like I said before, we need to make a change. Oct 10, John. Aug 13, Bryce rated it it was amazing.

Melkite Greek Catholic Church. Blood Brothers from BookRags. I do believe this book is worthy because it uses real details from what actually happened not rumors he heard about it. He had to battle his hate chaciur help create peace with those who did terrible t The book was written to tell the story of Elias Chacour. Blood Brothers is both an authentic picture of the historical development of the current Palestinian issue and a story of the spiritual journey of one man who refused to allow bloodd forces of anger and hatred to consume him.

Archived from the original on 25 April It is the opposite of being arrogant and selfish. I understand that English isn’t Chacour’s first language, so I feel guilty criticizing his writing, but it’s overly simplistic and reads in a juvenile manner.

Brotherrs init is still a relevant read today. Please excuse any bad English or strange grammar. This is a nonfiction book and can become boring at times, but the message given is beautiful and we should all listen. After the Zionists bombed their village, Chacour was sent away to schools in Haifa and Nazareth. His family took refuge in the neighboring village of Jish after Bir’im was occupied by Yishuv forces. However as world war two ends, a group called the Zionist Jews comes epias Biram and force all the residents to leave.

Just a moment while we sign eliws in to your Goodreads account. Before reading this book I thought I had quite a balanced view on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Life as he knew it came to a violent and crushing end, however, as World War II ended and Zionist Jews, with their militias, moved into Palestine, confiscating Palestinian land, routing entire villages, and driving the natives from their own land.

You’re the most powerful nation on earth. Oct 28, Ronia Dubbaneh rated it really liked it. I had no idea what kind of tensions there was, and this book did a good job of brohhers the problem and giving me a solution.


Elias also does a great job of making you feel his emotion and seeing his ideas the way he wants you to see them. Anyways, It was a good book to provide different perspectives!

Elias Chacour

It gave me background inform The book Blood Brothers was a well written and insightful book. In a world taut with tension and terror, ths book offers hope-filled insight into living at peace. An exile in his native land, Elias began a years-long struggle with his brothrs for the Jewish people and the world’s misunderstanding of brothres own people, the Palestinians. If you’re interested in an unorthodox perspective of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the book is worth a read, but there’s also a lot of stuff to wade through to get to the particularly interesting tales.

Oct 14, Jeremy Niemeyer rated it liked it.

Blood Brothers Summary & Study Guide

But at the same time I had this feeling of the Israeli state as being inherently good. Elias’s father was forced to sell the fig orchard that he lived on and then in a mean twist began to work there as well.

We are so uninformed and ignorant. He and his family had to flee their orchards and house to settle in a nearby village that was much more shabby than their own. But, on the other hand, I now look at many of my peers, family members, and political representatives, and can’t help but feel overwhelmed by how little we know of the situation over here in the Western world.

I am not chacoour sure what to say about it. However if you are brothwrs looking for a good time and a book you would enjoy, I probably would not recommend this book to you.

That peace among peoples of various religions ultimately prevailed as an overriding goal in his life is amazing. Chacour however argues for a different approach, one based on forgiveness, compassion, and cooperation.