La primera novela de la serie «Las aventuras del capitán Alatriste» de Arturo Pérez-Reverte adaptada al cómic por los maestros Carlos Giménez y Joan Mundet. Explore Kasidah’s board “Captain Alatriste (El capitán Alatriste)” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about #cómic 17th Century, El capitan era el. Algo de ese estilo es lo que esperaba con el Capitán Alatriste, aunque realmente no se qué es lo que esperaba. No conocía al personaje hasta que hace unos.

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The story is written in a very casual manner, as though you are sat with the narrator, in a bar, as he chats about this character, Alatriste. Be the first to ask a question about Las aventuras del Capitan Alatriste. Historians have often blamed him for the demise of the Spanish power. He worked as a war reporter for twenty-one years – Animales Salvajes Y Crias.

Not being a reader of poetry, I had a hard time understanding several of them, but there were many others, scattered throughout the text and then at the end of the story, describing characters, mocking situations, describing the culture, emphasizing pride for Spain, even in a “poet-off”, responding to another poet’s less then flattering poetry.

Laatriste fictional action of this book starts with its main character, Alatriste, being paid to ccapitan a pair of unknown English visitors in Madrid who turn out to be the Prince and Villiers traveling incognito. Miguel added it Dec 26, The second villain here turns out to be the hidden man in that room long ago.


(comic) El Capitan Alatriste

Y el motivo es secreto. Return to Book Page. That’s all this book is about. Pako Castillo rated it really liked it Sep 09, A character that I greatly admire; written well and, importantly, consistent. What we get here is the ebb and flow of a good story lengthened at unecessary points, making other details seem rushed, other necessary narrative structure aspects seem disproportionately lengthy.

The problem I had with this story is that our protagonist, our eponymous hero, Diego Alatriste, is more of a plot agent at the alatroste of history than a character with his own ambitions. There were so many characters I assumed invented for the text, so perfect in their ridiculousness; Don Francisco de Quevedo, that heckler of hunchbacks, that duellist in pince-nez, with his gold spurs and his rebellious politics.

Las aventuras del capitán Alatriste Series by Arturo Pérez-Reverte

To be exact, after they are given their directions to merely rob the travelers with “no blood” by a man who leaves the room, a hidden character reveals himself from behind a wall.

However, modern historians generally believe he was simply following the King’s wishes, and the prevailing corruption of the time was not something for which he can be blamed. His friend offers him lucrative and more permanent employment of his sword and services but is vague about what that employment it.

Alatriste is not really a Captain, this title having been taken by him during a brief battle in Flanders when his commanding officer was slain. This despite the Italian’s dishonorable, vindictively cunning tricks, such as miming a surrender. I mean, waaaaaay too many poets.

Fano added it Dec 06, The book is not a companion to the Three Musketeers, and yet it is. The story takes place at about the same time as Dumas’ novel, but of course Alatriste is Spanish and the Dumas characters were French.


He is thus able to offer some perspective and judgment based capitam the experience of the subsequent years. The book sucks you in in a very relaxed way and before you know it you want to know what happens next. Set in the s, this historical novel centers on the titular soldier, a melancholy man wounded in Flanders and now haunting Madrid as a sword for hire.

And yet he was a real poet of the era, his duels a matter of history, as were his golden spurs. He commissioned Carlota to gather documentation for him hence, she is billed as co-author of the first novel and developed the stories. These characters are quite frankly not the sort of people I would want to be near in real life. Cloaked by his followers in the church as well as lies, bureaucracy, politics, and red tape, he is almost untouchable.

Las aventuras del capitán Alatriste Series

Open Preview See a Problem? No resurrection or return of the elixir, the necessary stages eleven and twelve. And the Thirty Years’ War rages on in Flanders.

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