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If the company has also received non-repayable grants, other specific conditions are eligible to be eligible. Associates or shareholders holding several companies can only benefit from a grant under this program than a single company for which the status single enterprise.

Investing their own funds, if possible, appeared as the best mode of investment, because at the very beginning when revenues are not regular and sure, the business is not burdened with return on investment as soon as possible, either by returning loaned or credit funds.

The second section presents a special methodology and some databases as statistical supports for an economic analysis of FDI impact on tourism activities. The maximum amount of grant that can be claimed and granted is determined by applying, at the amount of eligible expenditure eligible for regional aid, the maximum aid intensity cataalog to the SME category and to the region in which the project is implemented, as shown in the table below.

Its popularity is due to easy accessibility compared to other sources of non-reimbursable funding. At the same time, we do not believe that a revision of the inventory of the weaknesses and fuxe of any SWOT or similar type of analysis could be of any real use, especially under the current difficult tixe in Romanian tourism.

20122 paper opens with an introduction referring to the concept of downshifting in tourism.

Romanian Rural Tourism – vol. 28 () | Georgiana Tacu –

Traditions are waning before the combined attack of television, power farming techniques and tree processors.

Tehnicile folosite pentru analizarea zonei comerciale includ: The analysis of the situation is not complete, as stakeholders international, national, regional and local are not comprehensive perceived, not being identified relevant NGOs, associations, private operators, academic institutions, local communities, but just authorities and governmental agencies.


Writing the History of American Retailing,” in Retailing: Interested companies must also meet a number of cumulative conditions including: Projects that earn at least 50 points according to the rating scale below are eligible: Integrating Customer Focus Across the Firm, 5th ed. Over the same time, the market for rural tourism has been changing, with shorter stays, a greater interest in health and activity holidays and more concern for the environment.

Considering tourism as factor of development in the rural areas impose as overall goal the necessity to monitor and determine sustainable development objectives using distinctive, comprehensible and coherent tools. Accelerated urbanization east rather specific for countries with economies in transition or developing economy.

Most local tourism departments and individual enterprises do not have the time or resources to run a separate quality initiative beyond their normal activities, especially in rural areas where budgets are often small.

Capacitate de cazare Many different players are involved. Tourism clearly has a vital role to play in this.

This trend has a significant influence in the development of rural tourism that many people from urban areas, are turning to tourism activities.

It can be observed a coherence regarding the potential of the tourism resources intact landscape and human made attractions — monasteries, for instance, unique in the world; traditional way of life; hospitality; flora and fauna and so on that are considered as being irresistible fascinations for potential tourists, raising the question why tourism is still a potential and not a reality?

Ponderea investitiilor in echipamentele prevazute la pct 2. Both activities have shed much of their labour force. They consider the relationship between tourism, politics and the issue of policies to control and direct tourism and recreation in the countryside in the postwar period. Inthe projects that met and 95 points had the certainty of obtaining funding.

Comerț cu amănuntul

No financial aid is granted for assets acquired under leasing and for second-hand assets. Although, Tourist commission advises that: Ecotourism, Economic Publishing House, 3. Research of motives for tourist arrivals in rural areas was made by the authors of this article in the years and Consumerism, capable of destroying the environment, the star- like attitude, careerism at all costs, not only fail to increase happiness, but actually alter the natural value systems, growing personal dissatisfaction, as well as group or community dissatisfaction.

The mandatory business plan for the project will include the following sections: The paper presents aspects of the development of rural tourism practiced in Fundata village and some methods and techniques to promote the rural tourism supply in this village. Downshifting proclaims the need to reduce the speed of any engine, of symbols assimilated to speed.


The case of Romania is relevant in this respect, and the determinants of FDI are able to explain the differences. Modelul lui Leiper este simplu. These funds are used to finance opportunities of investment which promise more dynamic growth in other markets, or in other economies. Contributia proiectului la temele orizontale si secundare ale POCU Some conclusions Although investment has a remarkable multiplier illustrated in the proceeds recorded, the tourism industry in Romania is below the required level, not at all correlated with the dynamics of FDI.

Design, Culture, and History, Mohammad Gharipour ed.

Matei Daniela,Turismul rural. It is related with the ambience of the village and its surroundings and all of its activities agriculture, cultural events, gastronomy, folklore, ethnology, and other economic activities.

Regiuni geografice crt.

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Presently the Penssion has 21 beds and cahalog restaurant with a capacity of 36 seats. The popularity of rural tourism for families tends to vary.

Their importance in the overall development of rural tourism in Croatia is that they represent the first example of service, practical information, which necessarily requires extensive further elaboration that is in progress, applicable in the field in reality. If there are internalization advantages, a trans- or multi-national company can invest more capital abroad, through export in the concrete form of a subsidiary of export, and FDI catallog the most intensive capitalization that a company may choose, but the trans- and multi-national company should seek mainly advantages of location, by means of firms, which can be purchased or built entirely abroad.

Then, in a mljloace phase, where the very motivation underlying the FDI inflow into the country in question makes its effects, the impact becomes negative on the balance of payments, and new investment inflows fail to compensate the outputs in the form of repatriated profits7. There is also a large general interest market for less specialised forms of rural tourism. Individual rural tourist destinations need to become more competitive, to attract and hold on to business.

Perhaps the only substantiated type of retail catalob practice that evolved from Neolithic times to the present was the itinerant tradesman also known as peddler, packman or chapman. Optimizing catslog operation of facilities and technological flows.

Applicants who have not received AFN in previous years may apply for funding.