Login. Please enter your credentials below to proceed. If you don’t already. Upgrading to a Pro Account will give your editors a consistent message and. Designer Documentation. CushyCMS works by FTPing into your site and then .

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Frequently Asked Questions

Be aware that if you change your credit card details, these services may cancel active subscriptions, including Cushy. Here you can see the custom classes are cushycms-ferris and cushycms-cameron. Go to the application directory, go to utils, double click terminal In the window that opens, type: To support this format please ensure the following appears in the head section of your html pages:.

No and no, sorry. An example may be your Google AdSense code.

After that, click the “link” icon and flick over to to cme Upload tab first, to upload the large version of the image, then over to the Advanced tab to place the word lightbox into the Relationship field. Custom class names Use the class name of “clienteditor” instead of “cushycms” in your html source optional. If both of these tests pass without error, cjshy your FTP details are fine. By default these files are published to the same directory as the page, however this may be customized via the Configure Site page.


Not Likely Extremely Likely.

How can I get Cushy receipts for tax purposes? Which ones would you recommend? Terms of Service Your Privacy Support. However we realize there may be times when you want to force cmx certain type of content. The new page will be an exact clone of the old page, which the editor can then edit accordingly. To support this format please ensure the following appears in the head section of cma html pages: Custom Editable Class As a pro user, you can define your own editable class instead of ucshy traditional cushycms or clienteditor classes.

Take the below code for example:. Are there any other payment plans? If you have an error either connecting or uploading your file, you’ll need to get in touch with the hosting company and let them know. We use cookies on this website. Within minutes you can start editing your site.

Designer Documentation

GetSimple lets you create websites, then easily manage them. Same as above, although the editor is presented with buttons for performing basic tasks such as creating lists, links, etc. Edits the content as plain text. Upgrading to a Pro Account will give your editors a consistent message and ensure your organization is getting all the glory for this awesome CMS. The image will also be cropped if necessary.


FAQ » Free and simple CMS » CushyCMS

Do you provide support over the phone? If you can’t figure this out, we strongly cusyh emailing your hosting company to do it for you — simply tell them to create a CNAME record pointing cms.

Make sure you have actually been downgraded before re-subscribing you’ll know, because your Custom Subdomain will have csm working.

Once you’ve gone Pro, you will not log in via www.

About CushyCMS A hosted and free content management system that’s lightweight, though powerful enough to jumpstart your site in a jiffy. Once that element is found, any editable tags inside that element will be grouped together so that any “repeating” of the outer element will contain all editable elements inside.

To reference these styles in your CSS, you might do cushu like:. Repeatable regions Enable editors to repeat content regions, eg.

No ads in admin interface Pro users don’t see any advertisements in their control panel. Overriding Content Types Cushy uses several different editing methods depending on the type of content. Click on the icon next to your editable region. Then, access your cjs through CushyCMS.