Dragonsong (The Harper Hall Trilogy, Book 1) [Anne McCaffrey, Sally Darling] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Unabridged CD. But my favorite McCaffrey books are actually the “Harper Hall Trilogy” books, “ DragonSong,” “DragonSinger,” and “DragonDrums.” In this trilogy we meet. A brief forward to the review: “Dragonsong” is the first book in Anne McCaffrey’s Harper Hall trilogy. The series is generally catalogued as children’s (at least in.

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And why It’s so important? In Dragonsong we follow the adventures of Menolly the youngest daughter in a sea h The Dragon books were part of the network of books that introduced me in my teen years to fantasy and sci-fi and on re-reading them years later it is encouraging to find them still as well written as I remember them. Dragonsong is the book which introduces Menolly, one of the characters at the forefront of the Harperhall and its chronicles.

I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve read this series I’ve read Dragonsong several times over the years and it continues to be one of my favourite Young Adult novels of all time. I’m not usually a fan of dragon stories, but when my aunt bought me this book, within the first few pages I was hooked on it.

I cannot highly recommend the books – also for reading them again after some time. The young heroine, Menolly, who is trying to build a better life for herself; the tiny fire lizards; the huge dragons and their telepathically-linked riders who protect the planet from the threat of THREAD falling from the sky; the guild of trilgoy who carry information from trilohy to place; and most of all, Master Harper Robinton.

Oct 21, Wayland Smith rated it really liked it Shelves: The front cover of a Harper Hall book named the Dragonriders of Pern series at least so early as the first UK paperback edition of Dragondrums Corgi, Open Preview See a Problem?


The Harper Hall Trilogy – Wikipedia

It is an organism which eats anything organic and can only be nullified by fire, intense cold or full submersion in water. At first I was apprehensive. Jun 22, Sarah rated it trilpgy was amazing. I only got so far and decided to put this down. It’s pure escapism for me. Of course, that flight is what saves Menolly, but it also breaks her spirit and effectively cuts her off from the past.

On the pretense of having Menolly show him her fire-lizards’ ability, Robinton tricks her into performing one of the songs written by Petiron’s mysterious apprentice, thus revealing that she is the composer. There are ways in which Dragonsong feels old; dragonzong younger trikogy I am, and I’m not old, so I’m not sure what’s going on, there.

If that was deliberate, McCaffrey’s literary skills have long been severely underrated. Wrede and Anne McCaffrey. If you enjoyed this series, you should also look for The Masterharper of Pern book.

Read as book of in celebration of being able to read at all after a triolgy trying years of little time for literature Fortunately, Dragonsong is also a very good book of its type. Recently engaged with question “What is your favorite fantasy? Dec 18, Dietmar rated it it was amazing Shelves: The plots still as riveting, the world-building still as thrilling and the characters still as good – well, maybe dragonsnog a tiny bit more teen angst than I look for these days, but otherwise just as good!

It is a dear memory wrapped so closely to my self identification for when it was introduced to me and by whom, my father. Robinton, who is present at Benden for the Hatching, is intrigued that Menolly has taught her fire-lizards to sing. I read it as a youth and I’ve probably read it times These were the books that hooked me on Pern specifically and Anne McCaffrey in general. The story is a pretty simple and basic one, well-trod territory where a young person has special gifts which no one around them understands and which make them an outcast among their own mostly-good-intentioned but stuck-in-their-ways people.


View all 4 comments. Thankfully there are plenty of Pern novels to discover and I will be diving into Dragonsinger next.

What a bunch of assholes. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.

When Jeff saw me reading it, he said, “now you’re really geeking out! Faerie Dragonsong takes place on a made up planet. Dragonsonf Designer Fashion Brands.

Dragonsong (Harper Hall Trilogy, Book 1) | Reading Length

Whip her with a belt! Dragonsong neither fits the contemporary notion of Young Adult nor Middle Grade but is instead a kind of timeless story that appealed to me both as a teenager and as an adult.

Share your thoughts with other customers. But, girls can’t be harpers. Does Menolly in any way subvert our expectations of what a female fantasy character should be? trrilogy

The Harper Hall of Pern

She’s forbidden to play instruments or sing, and then an accident wounds her hand badly. The Dragonriders of Pern: Well, let’s press on.

Everything came together well and I think each of these books was quite well done. But the number of magnificent dragons who have protected this world and the men and women who ride them are dwindling. Menolly is the daughter of a strict practical sea holder on Pern.

Their primary geographical settings are not distant in space yet worlds apart: