fxG PLUS (English) Cover Black fxG PLUS .. The options described in Chapter 9 of this manual may not be available in certain geographic areas. User manual, users manuals, user guide, operating instructions. User manual , View FXG PLUS pdf User manual. Download FXG PLUS pdf user. View and Download CASIO FXG PLUS user manual online. FXG PLUS Calculator pdf manual download.

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You can also use multiple functions to generate tables. Chapter 7 Statistical Graphs and Calculations k k k k k Plotting a Scatter Diagram It is often difficult to spot the relationship between two sets of data such as height and shoe size by simply looking at the numbers.

Casio fx-7400G PLUS Instruction Manual

Quotient and Remainder Division 5. Assigning Numeric Table Contents To A List Chapter 5 Table and Graph Graphing a table whose values were generated using more than one function causes the graphs of all the functions to be drawn at the same time.

Chapter 9 Data Communications 1. Normal distribution curve 1 X Chapter 8 Programming 1. Manipulating List Data List data can be used in arithmetic and function calculations.

fx-7400G Manual

Page 12 Chapter 9 Data Communications Page 9 Contents 8. The following shows what the displays of the sending and receiving units look like after the data communication operation is complete. When you keep having problems… If you keep having problems when you are trying to perform operations, try the fol- lowing before assuming that there is something wrong with the calculator. To print the manual completely, please, download it.


Graphing Chapter 4 k k k k k Trace With trace, you can move a flashing pointer along a graph with the f, c, d, and e cursor keys and obtain readouts of coordinates at each point. Input a value for a parameter and press w. Getting Acquainted Chapter 1 2. Since the condition comes after the Plud, the condition is tested checked before the commands inside the loop are executed. Connecting Two Units 2.

What is the decimal part of Fx-74000g NUM 0. Lbl command 2 Goto. Page – Before Performing Statistical Calculatio Chapter 7 Statistical Graphs and Calculations Example To input the following data into List 1 and use it to draw a bar graph: Graphing Chapter 4 u u u u u To graph parametric functions You can graph parametric functions that can be expressed in the following format. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Contents Chapter 10 Program Library Specifies grads as default.

Data Communications Chapter 9 You cannot send the following types of screens to a computer. This also applies when storing inequalities.

To send the screen 1. Use d, e, f, or c to move the cursor to the cell you want to delete. Command Reference k k k k k Command Index Break Before Performing a Data Communication Operation Page Chapter 7 Statistical Graphs and Calculations u u u u u To select the data list for a pie chart, stacked bar chart, bar graph or line graph Data 1.


Send List 1 Description: Deleting a Program 9. Regression second coefficient b.

fxG PLUS – Calculators – Manuals – CASIO

Use the statistical data lists to input data and to perform statistical calculations. Generating a Numeric Table Before actually generating a numeric table, you must first select the functions you want to use. Key Table Chapter 1 Getting Acquainted 2. Differential Calculations Chapter 3 This average, which is called the central differenceis expressed as: Using the Main Menu The main menu appears on the display whenever you turn on the calculator.

Histogram start point -coordinate ptch Press A to clear the error message. Connecting the Unit with a Personal Computer. Contents Chapter 1 Getting Acquainted This means you can back up and correct mistakes without having pluss input the entire calculation.

Addition and Subtraction 2. List Function Chapter 6 u u u u u To delete a cell 1. Programming Chapter 8 2.