The majority of French walkers start in Calenzana, simply because this is how the original topo was written. The villages at the two extremes of the trail are. Hike with the GR20 throughout Upper Corsica from Calenzana to Vizzavona. the beacons all along your hike and to bring you the FFRandonnee topo-guide. GR20 – Distance: km – Elevation: hm – Location: Sainte-Lucie de Porto-Vecchio / Corse / France – Wandermap is one of the largest collections of.

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Excellent page, start your preparation here. The Book Depository United Kingdom Swimming spots, views, meeting fellow walkers from all over the world. The prices of camping and food at the refuges. Adventure and sport challenge!!! You will need a rope, crampons, snow shoes etc. Looking on the map you will be toop why you need two weeks to cover this small distance. Or logistically it would be complicated? Equipment List of equipment to bring to do GR While walking, my solarpanel 30x20cm wax fixed on top of my backpack recharging the powerbank.


It is possible to do the trek in both directions. The Book Depository United Kingdom. Negative Crowds, being obliged to camp at the refuges. The Refuges tooo well kept, all facilities in working order in a healthy, clean and tidy environment. You are flirting with an altitude of m, it ondulates and is a bit technical.


This will be one of the last pages to check before your depart, to find out if their are even more barriers gopo up by the authorities.

GR20 – Wandermap – Your hiking routes online

Wild camping is technically not allowed, but I had hr20 problems. Early June to late October. The above floor is the proposed design for the modernization.

Commenter avec CanalBlog Utiliser Facebook. You’ve hit on a very popular walk: Whenever necessary, you will find cables. Going over these segments when the elements are raging can be challenging. I carried them to Corse on my first trip but they took up too much room in the pack so I haven’t taken them on subsequent trips.

Love the poncho tarp!! Other sections need the help of your hands. Cheers, so if I use that app I can download the relevant sections in Australia and simply use them over there? It contains a wide range of options for hikers of all different levels of experience.

This is a completely different challenge and requires some very specific skills Southern difficulty – In the South the most exposed g20 of the trail is between Bocca l’Agnone to Usciolu refuge and then Prati. The prices of camping and food at the refuges. You really need to be physically fit and capable of ascending and descending over rocky terrain all day long with a back pack on.


How much does it cost? Hi planning gr20 for next september. Cicerone Press United Kingdom The Views were needless to say, Just ignore and close them.

If you have the chance do it! You must take enough bottles or whatever to carry your water supply for a day. My advice is keep your ruck sack as light as possible.

In which direction GR20?

I made 9 stages of the hike with a departure from Calinzana and an arrival in Vizzanova. Therefore, you have to carry food for a week. From july to september thunderstorms develop in late afternoon. Landscapes are amazing and change a lot between the North part and the Too part of the island.

Troncquo Juin Evaluation 10 Positive Technical, demanding hike.

Print your offline route guide!

Another problem is that you won’t find many shops. And it is hot!

The descent to Conca — the fopo terminus of the GR Best of luck on your hike! The locals were amazing and greeted you like one of the family.

Hi Cam, thank you for this information. GR20Calenzana – Conca, the travers of Corsica, km, two weeks. I would think that a major factor for determining the sense of your trek would be which flights and airports you find the gd20 prices for.