There are hundreds or more alternate worlds in the GURPS Infinite Worlds multiverse. Most of Taft-2, , 7 with magic, Infinite Worlds: Worlds of Horror p. The GURPS Horror supplement suggests the following worlds. No Magic Horror. Some of the answers can be found within the pages of GURPS Infinite Worlds: Worlds of Horror. Written by Kenneth Hite – eldritch architect of GURPS Infinite.

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GURPS Infinite Worlds: Worlds of Horror

WW 11 and Although having the remainder of humanity dominated by mad scientists is intriguing. In IW the Gotha Zombies are more like 28 Days Later infected turned towards death worship instead of mere mindless frenzy.

Also the years of many worlds either have not changed in the 12 years that have passed for Infinity or haven’t seen 12 years pass for them.

Do they want the process used on their own bad selves? GM’s desiring to visit a randomly chosen timeline should click here. From Fear to Eternity It has been said that an optimist believes we live in the best of all worlds, while a pessimist fears we do.


Worlds of Atomic Horror.

These have been grouped into the “Worlds of Some echoes can shift to quantum when changes to their history wrolds while other echoes “anchors” cannot be shifted. Some additional details regarding some of these worlds can be found at uchronia.

Originally Posted by Stone Dog. Retrieved from ” http: Surf our site for the files you want.

ot Any differences in the years will be represented by old year 3e reference ; new year 4e reference and those with years that don’t quite line up will be in bold. Hyborian Age c 10, BCE.

Worlds of Horror

Is it a trade you’d make? Against which brilliance it is hard for me to justify being remiss in my duties last week: Each alternate Earth provides an intriguing history, complete with an explanation of the divergence point when things began to go awry. Although they do need a new tactical doctrine. BLost Worlds Until the discovery of Centrum Beta apparently an Quantum 7 echo of Centrum it was thought that only Homeline had echoes.

My favorite world is Gothic 2, illuminated alchemical horror. Worlds of Horror Duzakh: You can’t outrun history — but sometimes it’s the only option!

AEIW Sick of Romero Zombies.

It offers you the choice of throwing aorlds heroes to zombie hordes, Etruscan vampires, s combat robots, monarchs made immortal by mad science, a complete Gothic monster mash, or Stalinists allied with Things Man Was Not Meant To Know.


Known generally as “Deadly Settings”, “Reality Vanish” or just ” Vanish “, there are at least 41 parachronic coordinate settings where people or objects sent into them never return. But all six world’s are cool.

And if they prevail, well, there’s always the next world. Worlds of Horror It really is awesome. Centrum is included in this number. Contents [ show ]. This PDF brings you six horrific worlds to use as destinations for unfortunate, doomed parachronic adventurers. Weird War II W: I like that there’s a way to work netrunning into it that actually makes a lot more sense than traditional cyberpunk netrunning.

Centrom-Beta lost 15 years going from to confirming the Homelines of 3e and 4e are different. And the logical problem of producing new zombies when the infinte ones eat brains is gotten around if there’s a prior active infectious stage.