[O Brother, Where Art Thou? ] -cz- · nfo Bravo, girls! [Bring It On ] -cz .. nfo Hledám Amy [Chasing Amy ] -cz- · nfo Hledání Země Nezemě [Finding. Já hledám Tebe, zmučený můj Pane, po světě širém — hledám, nenalézám; co člověk tady Yet, deignest Thou to sojourn in the world. Thou art surrounded by thy father’s assassins, who, after thy death, will trample Slawie a rozraetu, A gen Boliowe (e stacili Nad Winetau hledam Winetu Premoci, and in the Laws of the Indian Menu we read, ” The Spirit of God hovered.

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Ona ma dluh, she has a debt. Nikdo nenni tuze inoe, nobody has too much.

Tu jest licet, here is the bill. Espe- cially when I am at home.

Modern Czech Poetry/A. Dürer painting the Saviour’s head

To neni dlouhy licet, that is not a long bill. It expresses endearment, familiarity or close friendship. The same rule finds application in Bohemian in a much higjier degree. Does this property have step-free access into eenu building to accommodate wheelchairs?

Ten ncet neni pravy,that bill is not right.

We do not teach the child grammatical rules and complications before it knows how to speak. Some woman is there. And so in all Bohemian verbs; for enuu Jsi rad nebo ne? We shall commonly mark it ou. I je tarn Hull, ale maly; well, there is a debt there, but a small one. Co tso what C thloh co to tso enj what it is that; mnolio mnolio much, many neco fietsd something tuze toozti very; too nic nits nothing jak ytifc how pranic promts nothing at all tak tak so Exercises.


IT englishman, Ji eye-tooth, instead of Englishman, eye-tooth. Start group order NEW. Bring you to them some buds. Reviewed September 28, Ano, jsou; yes, they are. The formation of the future by means of prefixes occurs quite often, as will be seen hereafter. We shall there- fore interpolate in the following lessons emu such grammatical rules, as 1 The Accent.

Alio, vsichui; yes, all of them. Ani cent, not a cent. Last year he had a large crop of all kinds. We stopped here for lunch a we heard that this was one of the best restaurants if you liked frogs legs.

Thin sliced chicken, marinated then stir-fried with garlic, carrot and broccoli. At least five or six dollars. But some neutre nouns have the termination e, e or i; for in- stance pole, field; loupe, den; oseni, crop.

Nekde pryc, somewhere away. To the roses put peonies. It is always pro- nounced like z in azure, or s in pleasure. Maji obili a seno J have they grain and hay? Fried Rice Choice of beef, chicken, pork, vegetable or shrimp combination.


An ex- ample will elucidate it: On that field there is wheat. Lesson 18, 79 Exercises. Hldem Chicken Crispy chicken in a brown sesame sauce topped with sesame seeds. It may hardly be necessary to mention that the locative case does not always appear with the preposition v or vp, but employs also differ- ent other prepositions.

Restaurant Le Thou, Bouligneux – Restaurant Reviews, Phone Number & Photos – TripAdvisor

The main difficulty is in the start, as in every other language. I sec in the sky a sign of rain. Proe ta iieni enj Proc jste nebyl doma? The girl ; lias much to do. But among the Bohemians in America it is very often improperly employed instead of vy you in addressing others, which latter word in Bohemian has the same general usage as in English.

Ja mam pul-dollar, I have tthlou a- dollar.

On je vsude dluzen, he is indebted everywhere he owes everybody. Bring meat without bones. I am satisfied with ihose words. Proto ze mam tnze moc prace, be- cause I have very much to do. Tuze mnolio; very much.