The Homeward Bounders [Diana Wynne Jones] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. You are now a discard. We have no further use for you in. If he finds the right world, Jamie can get Home Jamie stumbled upon the powerful Them playing Their mysterious games, They threw him out to the. Homeward Bounders. In fact, a quick summary of this book might be met with disbelief that this could possibly be a story for children. (I would.

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The Homeward Bounders – Wikipedia

Ships from and sold by Amazon. Retrieved from ” https: Konstam is eager to fight this new kind of demon, if only because of the challenge that They present, and the six go and invade Their strange place and try and defeat Them. Jamie was a normal kid, growing up in a world with not much technology.

Set up a giveaway. He sacrifices everything to keep Them from returning to power, and the final sentence of the novel makes me cry every time I read it.

As Jamie meets legendary wanderers like The Flying Dutchman, he becomes jaded, traveling the bounds, cycling around the worlds, always trying to find his way back to his family. May 27, Lyn rated it it was ok. That you form attachments only to have them ripped away from you so why bother forming them at all anymore. Notify me of new posts via email. Jamie finds himself jolted away from his own world and into a new one.

We have no further use for you in play. Random is good in some respects surprise, wonder, curiosity and bad in others does the author have control over the story? If you succeed in returning Home, then you may enter play again in the normal manner.


You are commenting using your WordPress. This one started with a sheer sense of wonder. So Jamie wanders through the worlds, time passing, never reaching his home, yet hardly aging at all, until he meets Helen Haras-Uquara, from the barbaric world of Uquar. Both the Homeward Bounders and the Prometheus figure he does have a name, but it would be a spoiler to give it have a distant hope of release held out to them, a hope that is essential if they are to serve their purpose for Them: For Charmed Life, the first Chrestomanci novel, Jones won the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize, a once-in-a-lifetime award by The Guardian newspaper that is judged by a panel of children’s writers.

The Homeward Bounders

Together, they try to figure out how to fight back against the beings that banished them. The Homeward Bounders is tragic, far more so than a lot of Jones’s homfward are. Then circumstances change and he meets two new Homeward Bounders about his own age, Helen and Joris.

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Review of The Homeward Bounders by Diana Wynne Jones

But Their rules don’t allow Homeward Bounders to work together. Jones’ world building is amazing. View all 8 comments.

It keeps you in chains! Jan 13, Tam G rated it really liked it Shelves: Jamie has to use his wits to survive; everything about his life has changed. This sense of wanderlust comes in handy when he intrudes on “them”, those other reality beings who nomeward playing games with the lives of Jamie and others on his world.

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So we have a nice narration, interesting variety of worlds and characters, a well-woven plot and homwward need boundeers read on to find out what exactly is going on. And the secondary characters, though inevitably getting less time, all feel real, especially Adam, who is a jerk in exactly the way that a year-old boy would be.

Jones deals with the idea of multiple, coexisting worlds universes, really — hinted at in Charmed Life — with the most depth to date.

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He has to attempt to find work and fit in. The presence of the Prometheus figure who is a Titan in this story as wellfamous for his struggle against the gods, suggests that They should perhaps be thought of as such.

These three are misfits and they form a strong if somewhat squabble team. Helen and Jamie travel together until they meet Joris, another new Homeward Bounder, who was a slave and apprentice demon hunter from another world, separated from his master by a demon that showed him Them. According to her autobiography, Jones decided she was an atheist when she was a child.

Read this book once, for sure. There are Solid 3. That is just such a terrific message for kids to learn early on, especially in such a very lovely and hojeward format.

It is a farce with a large cast of characters, featuring government, police, and army bureaucracies; sex, politics, and news. Even at this point, though, Jones is still holding back: