Here are some free plans to the Hydrofoam plane/boat. The kit is a great value, but if you just want to kill a Saturday, then here you go:). 4Q, UAVPilot, Hydro Foam Plans. A Hovering Machine, UFly, Flat Foamy. Amos Moses, Ewo, 3D Foamy. Avro Vulcan, Davereap, Foam Jet. AZ Shrike, AZ Astro. Matty wants to try a Hydrofoam, Kids?. Ehh:rolleyes. So here we have the start of our Hydrofoam Build. Partly off a plan and partly made up.

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I can’t get it to download. It did not work I can download the first 2 pages it’s the last one that has 21 pages that I can’t seem to download Thanks.

Need a carbon spar though Do you need hydrocoam mixer on these? Are they still available? I know you need three servos. Is it a must to keep everything dry?

Free RC Airplane Plans

I plwns for the files a few days ago and all the links are broken. I think that is the one I need. Matty wants to try a Hydrofoam, Kids?. Profile 4 Channel Supercub. Does the Fleet in Alex. It helped a lot with the alignment of the floats, with the curved sections.


If anyone wants me to laser cut their plane let me know. I see you did all the slots on yours, i didn’t bother with them either, we just cut it flat and glued it, as is. Someone mentioned EPP as a superior product to foam, what is hydtofoam and where can I find it, what glue does it use, and can I cut it safely with a laser?

I had to enlarge some of then, and decided to leave some as is too Mostly the edges ones. I’m going to have to get one of these eventually. I’m getting a “Page cannot be found” message on the first post links. Send me an email and maybe I can email them to you. Hydrofoam Discussion in ‘ Scratchbuilding! Here is the body. F Eagle Park Jet. If you are missing that one – I can send it to you. Does anyone have a problem keeping this area dry? I just enlarged some of them to fit the foam.

I would be interested in having someone email the plans to me as well. F Hornet Park Jet park jet free plans. I did some server cleanup and looks like I rearranged and misplaced the files, so they are incomplete. Had it a foot off the floor but not sure about flying it until we make some training wings.


They only had three bundles of it. RC micro DLG mini glider hand launch glider composite. We found out that the actual size of the plans are standard 24×36 poster size.

Plans for Hydro foam – RCU Forums

I ended up finding some in fleet in Brooklyn Park. I will probably make some superlight control rods with it too Can some one help?? Mixed in the TX. Thanks for the tip.

Free plans

I cann’t tell if the prop is throughing water back in the videos. I also have a bunch of DVD drives Got one built and I’m starting to install all the electorics.

My brothers are currently working on them