This rare treatise has been out of print since Most people will do all they can to avoid affliction, but do very little to avoid sin. In 67 chapters, Burroughs. The eighth book of Mr Jeremiah Burroughs. Being a treatise of the evil of evils, or the exceeding sinfulness of sin. Wherein is shewed, 1 There is more evil in the. Jeremiah Burroughs () – A Popular Independent Puritan Preacher and a Member of the Westminster Assembly. Taken from “The Evil of Evils”.

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The Evil of Evils – Jeremiah Burroughs () | A Puritan’s Mind

To understand this, take these five things; and they rightly understood will make it as cleer as the Sun at noon day. First, That dreadful manifestation of the displeasure of God against the Angels that sinned against him: When he that upholds the Heavens and the Earth by his Power, now falls grovelling upon the Earth, having the weight and burden of mans Sin upon him he falls upon his face, he falls to the ground.

Certainlie there is a great deal of evil in sin more than the world thinks of, when it shall so provoke God as that he shall have such displeasure to put all Man-kind to be in the state of Children of wrath for the sin of our first Parents.

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This is the way. Of all the men and women in the world, when they come to suffer this wrath, it will be dreadful to them, because it come unexpectedly; they that went on merrily and cheerfully in the waies of sin, and for the wrath of God, never thought of it; now then when the wrath of God comes on them, it will be more dangerous and intollerable: Many can say of this, that after they have apprehended their sin to be pardoned, then their souls have mourned and melted more than ever they did before in the apprehension of horror and fear of Gods wrath; and all upon this, because they did not see sin to be an evil only as it brings danger of punishment, but they did see the evil of sin as against a God, as I have evlis God, stroke at the infinite glorious first-Being of all things; and this will abide upon the heart: See one famous example for this parallel to this on the other side, in the Prophesie of Daniel, Now you know when Porters be under great Burdens, somtimes they sweat; but never did any sweat like this sweat of Christ, being lf the weight of mans Sin, sweat so as Clodders of Blood yhe fall from him: That God must be Man?


Christ was in an Agony, in a Combate: Oh charge your hearts with this; do not stay till God come at the day of Vurroughs to charge you with this; for many poor sinners that went on blind-fold off their daies, and never saw sin what it was, then comes God burfoughs their death bed, and chargeth them with this, and then their hearts are full of horror.

Sin cannot be the Object of a rational Creature.

Certainly brethren, that wrong is done unto God by sin, as that if any one man that had all the patience of all the men and women in the world, put into his heart; all the patience and meekness that ever was in all the Saints, since the beginning of the world, if it were all distilled into the heart of one hte or woman, and suppose that this hhe or woman were but wronged as God is, it were impossible but that that man or woman should break forth with revenge against those wrongs done to him or her; it were impossible for such an one to bear, so far as he can see himself able I mean to right himself, so far he could not bear the wrongs done to him: In a word, how durst men walk without God in the world, at least without secret prayer and communing with their own hearts, dayes, weeks, months, years together?

Sin wrong God more than any thing else. How to Mourn for the Affliction of Saints Matthew 5: Which is impossible, and blasphemous to think. Such evil there is in Sin. The wisdom of the flesh the best part the flesh hath is enmity against God. That is wronged especiallie: And so the fire to come down upon those Captains and their Fifties, 2 Kings, 1.

The item may be missing the original packaging such as the original box or bag or tags or in the original packaging but not sealed. John Waldrip rated it it was amazing Jan 18, That God will visit the sins of them that hate him, those that sin against the Second Commandement seem to honor God, and to love God more than any other, they be not only content to worship God in that ordinary way others do, but in a more glorious, and pompeous way; well, it may be the breaker of the second Commandement pretends more love to God than any, and yet there God saith they be those that hate him, so that you see God doth not reek on Sin according to mans intentions.


And if these things be true, there is a jeremiay deal of evil in sin. Now God made the Angels and they were more noble Creatures than you abundantlie; now the Angels that sinned but once, for that one sin are cast for ever, and God resolves, though they should crie and shreek, and shed thousands of tears for sin, God wil never hear them; Evol displeasure against sin is so great: Gods Nature is pure, thy Sin is filthy and vile, and contrary to him, and doth what it can to darken the brightness of the infinite Holiness of God.

There is no Age but hath some one or other dreadful example of His Judgments against Sin. Many of you when it comes to it wil be loather to loose a groat than commit a sin, loather to endure the least shame or a nick-name, than to commit a sin: Garrett Starr rated it it was amazing Apr 16, These fears and horrors I say are not the chief; the chief of all is the humiliation of the soul for sin, as it is against God; then is the heart humbled aright for sin, when it apprehends how by sin the soul hath been against the infinite glorious first-Being of all things.

The Evil of Evils: The Exceeding Sinfulness of Sin

Sin most opposite to Gods Nature 2. It is the setting of the Will of a base wretched Creature, against the will of the infinite, eternal, glorious God.

When Christ would humble Sauls heart, what doth he do? Certainly thy Conscience will condemn thee if thou hast but a heart for to think of it.