Editorial Reviews. From the Publisher. Goldsmith explains the Circle of Eternity– the basis of his approach to mysticism–and tells how to transcend the. A Parenthesis in Eternity: Living the Mystical Life [Joel S. Goldsmith] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Goldsmith explains the Circle of. A Parenthesis in Eternity has ratings and 8 reviews. Iona said: This is the best book by Goldsmith I’ve read so far. He delves even more deeply into.

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We cannot measure the effect of the Spirit, even when ” e Spirit finds entrance to this world through, or as, the consciousness of one individual.

The more spiritual our consciousness becomes, the more harmonious our outer life becomes because we have set the karmic law of good into operation. This begins to set us free from any capacity to do evil, even though for awhile it is not easy to become completely free of this temptation. Essentially this is true. They do not know how to go directly to it, and therefore they follow any little path that opens to them that promises it might take them there, and very often find themselves going down a blind alley or a dead-end street, having to retrace their steps and start all over again.

It will involve effort and struggle.

A Parenthesis in Eternity: Living the Mystical Life by Joel S. Goldsmith

No longer are we limited to our im- mediate surroundings, to an island or a continent, and not even limited to a whole paernthesis. That which the Son does, the Father is aware of, because the Father and the Son are one. Without the impetus of this spiritual grace, the life as lived on the outer plane is an animal life. Every problem parenthesls be viewed as an opportunity to rise above whatever the situation may be, and if that sounds too difficult, it is better not to begin.


His body is the temple of God, and his mind is the instrument of God, the mind which was also in Christ Jesus. Then we resume our conscious thinking and are ready to go about our business.

Full text of “A Parenthesis In Eternity: Living the Mystical Life”

As long as the world is in ignorance of truth, it may be possible for a person to do evil and bring harm to others temporarily, and prob- ably even postpone the harm that returns to and befalls him. From the beginning of all revelation it has been pointed out that this need not be, that at any time we can turn within eterniity begin our ‘ ascent out of the tomb of our darkness, out of the prison into the light, out of ignorance into understanding.

Four thousand years before the birth of the Master Christ Jesus, there were teachers of spiritual vision revealing to their followers man’s true identity and instructing them how to live by an internal Grace, rather than by external might and power.

Living side by side were the saved and the unsaved, those who were able to rise above the discords of the parentthesis, and those who could not receive the spiritual word in their bosom. The Master gave us explicit instructions as to how to do this; “‘Take no thought for your life. The reason they could not take the step directly or quickly is that the goal is something that as human beings they cannot conceive. The meaning is clear, and when our footsteps have been directed to a spiritual path, inevitably we shall goldsmigh.

When we release ourselves from the mental struggle and let God have His will here where we are, and in this whole universe, we have released God and we ourselves are free. One receives God’s grace in a physical or mental healing, another in a moral or financial healing, and still another in greater joy in his house- hold.

A Parenthesis in Eternity: Living the Mystical Life

It is not to instill in us the worship of another deity in the person of the founder of a new religion. But the law never forgets: God is the intelligence directing the activity of my day, the still small voice protecting and sustaining me. At other times a message may come to us, and if not an actual mes- sage, a sensing that all is well, just a feeling of peace. My body may be seen, but not the I of my being because I live in an inner awareness of God. It cuts through appearances like a sharp knife It is a living word and the best of what you have ever read or heard.


This may take the form of an inner glow, or at other times of a voice within which seems actually to speak. We could not give away even a nickel without our Self knowing it an d reflecting it back into our experience immediately. The Mystical I Our mind has a function, and it can operate constructively in our life, but let us not try to use it to get God. This book is amazing! If called upon to share with others, I can do so without feeling that 1 am taking something of my own to give away, thereby leaving my- self with less, because all that 1 have is of God.

That is My gift to you, a spiritual gift of gopdsmith peace. Every time God is released into this world through us, It has the opportunity of going out into the world and neutralizing some of the carnal influences in government, the courts, business, and industry, even in the arts and professions. True prayer is a realization that God constitutes out being jol our life. It has its periods of good and its periods of bad, its periods of health and its periods of disease.