An augmented HTML 5 version of Rem Koolhaas’ Junkspace essay from Junkspace. REM KOOLHAAS. Logan Airport: A World-Class Upgrade for the Twenty-first Century. -Late-Twentieth Century Billboard. Rabbit is the new beef. OMA founder Rem Koolhaas, the seer of Rotterdam, made just one contribution to the Harvard Guide: an essay called Junkspace. In about.

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Corridors no longer simply link A to Bbut have become ‘destinations’.

Sometimes not overload but its opposite, an absolute absence of detail, generates junkspace. The subtlety of the shopping center. This site uses cookies. Junkspace thrives on design, but design dies in junkspace.

He also shows us that architecture is urgently in need of theory. Because of a structural shortfall, a fundamental deficit, a contingent bankruptcy, each square inch koolhxas a grasping, needy surface dependent on covert or overt support, discount, compensation and fundraising.

Or do you mean just “modernism” guess by means of reverse replacement.

Rem Koolhaas. Junkspace

Structure groans invisibly underneath decoration, or worse, has become ornamental ; small shiny space frames support nominal loads, or huge beams deliver cyclopic burdens to innocent destinations His non-places seem to correlate to Rem’s definition of ‘junkspace’ fairly well.

Since their purpose is not to operate socially as a culturally defined place, they are non-places. A siren call fully actualized. There are other key traits K. Jul 11, 10 7: Entire professions impose a descent into the linguistic equivalent of hell: Aging in junkspace is nonexistent juunkspace catastrophic; sometimes an entire junkspace – a department store, a nightclub, a bachelor pad – kookhaas into a slum overnight without warning: Like radioactive waste, junkspace has an invidious half-life.


Junkspace and the Death of Architecture: Slow Space Finds its Nemesis

Koolhaas is the founding partner of OMA. Junkspace is overripe and undernourishing at the same time, a colossal security blanket that covers the earth in a stranglehold koohaas seduction OK, let’s talk about space then. Language is no longer used to explore, define, express, or to confront but to fudge, blur, obfuscate, apologize and comfort Huge and full of absenceJunkspace follows no rules; it has no inherent order, and no connections between its parts.

Rem Koolhaas Junkspace Because we abhor the utilitariankooljaas have condemned ourselves to a life-long immersion in arbitrariness Is it a repertoire of reconfiguration that facilitates the intromission of a new species into its self-made Junksphere? I stumbled upon the essay last year when I was doing my own research. The Golden Calf’s shit is holy.

But, pursue whateven makes you feel smart Junkspace junkspacf what is urban to urbanity Subscribe to our mailing list and get the latest news from Garage. It is a philosophy, a movement and a way of life that promotes meaning and connection in our world. Mankind the sum of billion individual upgrades? A single shopping center now is the work of generations of space planners, repairmen and fixers, like in the middle ages; air conditioning sustains our cathedrals.


koolhaas’ Junkspace | Forum | Archinect

Where it is absent, it is simply applied – mostly in stucco – as ornamental afterthought on hurriedly erected superblocks. Right to the beginning he says ir: Jul 5, 10 He does not fit, regardless whether in some areas of the world it is being taught such or not.

With enormous difficulty – budget, argument, negotiation, deformation – irregularity and uniqueness are constructed from identical elements. Oxygen banks, Fort Knoxes of chlorophyll, ecoreserves as a blank cheque for further pollution.

There is no progress; like a crab on LSDculture wobbles endlessly sideways Because it cannot be grasped, junkspace cannot be remembered. Jun 14, 05 1: As for Foucault, he denied that he was a post-modernist, but all his core premises were post-modernist, so he’s usually taught in philosophy as part of post-modernism and post-structuralism which are both variants of anti-humanism.

I also would disagree with your turn from subjective to arbitrary. Art galleries move en masse to where it is ‘edgy’, then convert raw space into white cubes Each man, ,oolhaas and child is individually targeted, tracked, split off from the rest.

We will have conquered place.