Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Vadivelu : Sachidhanandham Printing. Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Sri Koviloor Ponnampala : National. I have downloaded a book named KAIVALYA NAVANEETHAM (Barcode is ) attached KaivalyaNavaneetham eng version.

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Kaivalya Navaneetham : Vadivelu Chettiyar : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

If he does so, he will take no interest in discussing such matters as the above. The book deals with kaivalyaa Self and that is its purpose.

Why do not all jnanis possess such powers as well? Hence the vijnanamaya Kosa is called Kosa or sheath.

Should you know yourself no harm will befall you. And Who manifested as a human being, only to speak the language understood by me and lead me.

It is quite similar to the creations in dream where the experiencer springs up simultaneously with the objects of experience. Click cover for larger image. Kaivalya Navaneetam has asked and answered six questions about Maya.

Else it cannot be spoken of at all. Again in Talks No.

Otherwise rebirth after death takes place. R Hero Member Posts: Don’t have a World Wisdom ID? When the latter perishes, jale kataka renuvat [like the clearing nut paste in water] the former will remain over. The subject [knower] is only a mode of mind. The question then arises: Again, He asked where is the Satpurusha? The Self is certainly within the nqvaneetham experience of everyone, but not as one imagines it to be.


However, as long as you think that you are an individual or that you are the body, so long the master is also necessary and he will appear with a body.

The background of the mod is the ‘I’ navanfetham which the mind modes arise and sink. Description Two short classics of Advaita Vedanta presented in a single volume: Does not the ‘I’ disappear when the subject disappears thus? If that be so how can the quest of the “I” proceed?

Interview with Frithjof Schuon – on Spirituality. Therefore Bliss becomes clear in a peaceful mind rid of ignorance and agitation.

Kaivalya Navaneetham Moolam

This is well explained in Kaivalya Navaneetam and Viveka Chudamani. Sri Karapatra Swami Tandavaraya Swami. Therefore, O son, be englih peace that we are always the same limitless Being! They argue that an effect must be preceded by a cause.

All this is unreal like dream visions after waking. There is a stanza in Kaivalya Navaneeyham, which says: He is not a englisg of the illusion but is real and solid. You have been always with me watching me through several incarnations, and ordaining my course until I was liberated. I do not know why. I was going through Day by Day of Devaraja Mudaliar.

True in the proximity of a great Master, the vasanas will cease to be active, the mind becomes still and samadhi results, similar, to fire not scorching because of other devices.

The substratum is twofold, general and particular, of which the general substratum remains continuous and unbroken.

In order kaivlaya all may understand clearly Vidyananda, the true spirit of the Holy books, in Nannilam Master Narayana appeared in my samadhi and commanded me to make this Kaivalya Navaneeta perfect in every detail, and free from defect. In the explanation given yesterday [for Major Chadwick’s doubts], it is said that the removal of avarana results in the annihilation of the karana sarira.


Meditation can be done, or not done, or wrongly done, jnanam is not so. The existence of the jivas is clear because they all say ‘I’; Consciousness also is clear because of knowledge which is obvious; why does not-Bliss show forth in a similar way? You may also be interested in. Brahman or the Self is like the screen and the world is like the pictures on it.

Sankara also said that this world is Brahman or the Self. In kajvalya, they desire an explanation for the existence of the world which they see around them. Pure Consciousness is alone real.

After adoring my Master, Venkatesa Mukunda, who is himself ever-free, and who made me his own, I write this Kaivalya Navaneeta divided into two parts, the first of which contains a clear exposition of the Truth, and the second clears away all doubts arising from the former.

This has to be described as an extremely subtle thought. This method of dealing with the subject of creation is called Krama srshti, [gradual creation].