Killing Rage has ratings and 49 reviews. Thedailyloaf said: quite possibly one of the most disturbing books regarding the Troubles. it is the autobio. Some time in the coming weeks Eamon Collins would have received compensation for injuries received when he was knocked down by. Co-written by former journalist Mick McGovern, ‘Killing Rage’ tells the story of Eamon Collins’s short but eventful life in the IRA during the late.

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The IRA operated as a legitimate army; command structure, internal policing, intelligence officers, gunmen, spies Despite his militarist convictions at this time Collins found the psychological strain caused by his involvement in the terrorist war increasingly difficult to deal with.

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Killing Rage

He agreed, and was in consequence transferred by the authorities to the Irish paramilitary wing of the prison. Such criticism from someone so deeply embedded in the organisation is priceless. He was acquitted and released after spending two years in prison.

Much the same could be said of Eamon Collins. He must have developed a reputation for utter ruthlessness and a great capacity for violence despite his diminutive physical stature.

Mar 23, OhCanada rated it really liked it. I got through this eventually. He likes to give me books to help address that.


He was incarcerated in specialized protective custody, along with other paramilitaries who had after arrest given evidence against their organizations, in the Crumlin Road Prison in Belfast from to In reality Collins went from being a soldier to a whining sniveler who ratted out his comrades.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! The reader gets the feeling of receiving a full account, but Collins hinted in interviews that this was only a sample of what he got up to. He also did not like that the Catholic people did not have the same rights as the Protestants in Northern Ireland. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Eamon Collins saw the light after six years of planning death and mayhem.

Eamon Collins – Wikipedia

Open Preview See a Problem? Collins goes into detail about how he planned the murders and how he eventually became disillusioned with the IRA.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This is the one thing that I found difficult to square with his account. After his exile Collins moved to Dublin and squatted for a while in a deserted flat in the impoverished Ballymun area of the city. The late Eamon Collins — found battered and stabbed to death in What are the causes, and consequences, of a person that crosses the line to use violence to achieve political means? Then they carry out their part in the struggle.

As a result of losing his previous legal status as a Crown protected witness, Collins was charged with several counts of murder and attempted murder. His memoirs, published before his assassination intell that arc with astonishing clarity.


Murders, bombings, doing “counter intelligence” for the IRA, and then being caught by Crown forces and broken. We see every rare “successful” terrorist actand the dozens of failures and botched efforts that this unsophisticated movement carried out during Collins’ tenure in Newry and Armagh. But it seemed like the period through which he was still involved and yet very disenchanted with it went on forever and I kept wishing he would just get out.

He had received repeated death threats from republicans and it is believed Provisional IRA members from south Armagh murdered him. The book itself is amazingly honest. Collins’ situation – not so much.

For anyone that had nightmares with The Kite Runner, expect nightmares with this one as well. He turned his back on the organisation in the late s, and later co-authored a book called Killing Rage detailing his experiences within it.

It’s not about how the army could jam detonator frequencies. Eamon CollinsMick McGovern. A Sort of Republican.