Matteuccia is a genus of ferns with one species, Matteuccia struthiopteris The species epithet . Onocleaceae · Pteridophyta of Asia · Pteridophyta of the Americas · Pteridophyta of Europe · Ferns of the United States · Flora of Asia · Flora of. Botrychium lunaria is a species of fern in the family Ophioglossaceae known by the common . NatureServe secure species · Ophioglossaceae · Plants described in · Pteridophyta of the Americas · Flora of North America · Flora of Asia. Lycopodium is a genus of clubmosses, also known as ground pines or creeping cedar, in the family Lycopodiaceae, a family of fern-allies (see Pteridophyta).

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The extreme lightness of its spores has led to its global distribution.

Retrieved 12 February The plant contains the carcinogenic compound ptaquiloside. Osmunda regalis produces separate fertile and sterile fronds. Species See text Lycopodium from Greek lukoswolf and podiondiminutive of pousfoot is a genus of clubmossesalso known as ground pines or creeping cedar[1] in the family Lycopodiaceaea family of fern-allies see Pteridophyta. Retrieved 6 December — via Korea Forest Service.

The leaves contain a single, unbranched vascular strand and are microphylls by definition.

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There are three very similar species, Osmunda spectabilisOsmunda lancea and Osmunda japonica. A Natural Born Killer?


Pteridium aquilinum brackenbrake or common brackenalso known as eagle fernand Eastern brakenfern[1] is a species of fern occurring in temperate and subtropical regions in both hemispheres. Australian National Botanic Gardens.

Christella dentata – Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 19 April It was traditionally treated as the sole species in the genus Pteridium brackens ; authorities have split and recognised up to 11 species in the genus, however. Encyclopaedia of Australian Plants Suitable for Cultivation: Acta Poloniae Pharmaceutica – Drug Research. In other projects Wikispecies. Medicinal plants with their role in health care. It can even be aggressive in countries where it is native, such as England, where it has invaded heather Calluna vulgaris L.

However, ptaquiloside is water soluble, and is reduced by soaking bracken in cool water. Each pinnule may have 1 to 20 sori along its margins underneath. Some workers also segregate several more genera, including Dendrolycopodium for L. Young growth may have a pinkish tinge before it matures into the dark green foliage.

Pteridium aquilinum – Wikipedia

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. The prothallium developed from the spore is a subterranean mass of tissue of considerable size and bears both the male and female organs antheridia and archegoniae. Kuhn in the North York Moors—a comparison of the mature stand and the interface with heather Calluna vulgaris L. Morphological studies showed that the plant mlasifikasi resembles the cinnamon fern, Osmundastrum cinnamomea.


This page was last klssifikasi on 27 Novemberat Adiantum hispidulum is grown as an ornamental plant that adapts readily to cultivation, although may be slow growing.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Matteuccia struthiopteris. Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved 13 March The club-shaped appearance of these fertile stems gives the clubmosses their common name.

It is considered inadvisable to eat uncooked fiddleheads.

Di Indonesia dan daerah Asia tropis lainnya, Nephrolepis mudah dijumpai di rumah-rumah atau kebun. Ostrich fern Sterile fronds in summer Scientific classification Kingdom: Wikispecies has information related to Osmunda regalis. It is a crown-forming, colony-forming plant, occurring in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere in central and northern Europe, [5] northern Asia, [6] and northern North America.

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This fern -related article is a stub. Pferidophyta from ” https: In many areas, O. Sistem lain memasukkannya ke dalam Davalliaceae. Native Plants of the Sydney District: It is more tolerant of sun and drying out than other fern species. Retrieved 14 April Pteretis nodulosa [2] Matteuccia nodulosa Fernald Matteuccia struthiopteris subsp. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.