Finding permanence[edit]. “The box said that I needed to have Windows 98 or better so I installed Linux.” — If you know that the. Knoppix CD is good, this error usually means a faulty CD- ROM drive. Question: I get a blank screen when the X Window System comes. Knowing Knoppix it’s a pretty short book, stuffed with step-by-step guides with colorful illustrations about a clever product that can run a Linux on your PC or.

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Knoppix has built-in support for reading Compact Disc Digital Data discs. To read a data CD:. What does this mean? Usually this means the drive is still preparing itself, or the Knoppix auto-mounter has not finished working yet.

Wait a few moments, then try again.

File:Knowing Knoppix (Window Maker 1).png – Wikimedia Commons

If it still doesn’t work, click the Home icon in the Panel, then type file: If it still doesn’t work, click the Knoppix icon in the Panel, click Root Shell, then enter this command:. Why is the CD stuck in the drive? Knoppix uses the locking mechanism of the drive to prevent you from taking out a CD that is still in use.


Close all windows and documents opened from the CD, then try again.

Just press the eject button on the front of the drive instead. CD reading and writing Knoppix has built-in support for CD writing.

Normally, the Knoppix CD occupies the first drive, and it cannot be removed while Knoppix is running. To copy files onto a data CD:. Why does it eject the CD and do nothing? Or, why do I get an error while CD writing? You may be trying to use incompatible media.

When I put the written CD in a computer running Windows, some of the file names come out in capitals and some spaces or dots are turned into underscores. The original specification for data CDs allows each file name only 8 characters plus a 3 character extension.

File:Knowing Knoppix (Window Maker 1).png

The setup konppix fine, but when it gets ready to burn, there are no devices to be selected. You need to run K3B as root.


Go to a terminal the image of a monitor with a shell on itthen type ‘su’, hit return, then type ‘k3b’ and hit return. This runs K3B as root and fixes some issues.

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Knowing Knoppix

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