Before beginning his work Kounin felt that most people thought that instruction and disciple were two separate entities. Instruction, the skills presented for. Kounin found that teachers who use effective instructional management keep their students focused on learning tasks and minimize behavior. According to Kounin, good classroom management depends on of the teacher moving the class from one instructional activity to the next.

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Models, Applications, and cases 2nd ed. Making sure she is reminded about what is expected my help her not to become distracted so easily. Pull the card from the stack to decide which student will answer the question.

Theory of Instructional Management by Jacob Kounin

Thank you for interesting in our services. Transitioning from one activity to another without disruptions.

Dangles The students had just completed reading a story in their reading circle. These studies emphasized inatructional teachers could manage students, lessons and classrooms to reduce the incidence of bad behavior. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. According to Kounin, good classroom management depends on effective lesson management.

The teacher should know each student on a personal basis i. The ability of the teacher to keep all students actively participating and to create interest in the material. According to Kounin, when students are off-task, the teacher should send a clear message that communicates to students the instructionsl that they are not mmanagement and that they need to become engaged. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Hello Practicum Students, Whether this is your first or second practicum there are a few things every potential.


In showing students the connections between one subject to the next, using previous vocabulary to prepare students for learning new vocabulary, a teacher will show overlapping.

Group focus is the ability of a teacher to instructiinal the whole class using techniques such as building suspense or asking community questions.

As the teacher got up and walked toward the board, she said something like, “Let’s look at these arithmetic problems on the instrucrional. In an elementary setting, the teacher could pair up the class in groups of students and assign a team name. Download ppt “Jacob Kounin: A green card could stand for Lizzy, Gary, and Greg to be at the Math station.

The teacher can have a canister of popsicle sticks that have each students name on them. Many times, a teacher can get distracted and leave a topic open and not come back to it until later, which can be confusing to students.

When instructing one group, the teacher should be able to acknowledge difficulties that students outside the group are having in such a way that instruction continues. When instructing one group, a teacher should be able to acknowledge difficulties that students outside of the group may be having so that instruction may continue.


Exploring the Theories of Instructional Management: Jacob Kounin by Casey Wun on Prezi

We need your help! Size px x x x x The teacher reprimands and warns the students to stop using other languages besides English. Retrieved from ” https: Jacob Kounin identified a cluster of proactive teacher behaviors that distinguished effective classroom managers from ineffective ones. Keep a folder to fill-in activities if a lesson takes less time than planned. Kounin emphasizes that providing smooth and effective transitions is one of the most important techniques in maintaining student involvement and class control.

If teachers are able to demonstrate appropriate teaching behaviours, maintain appropriate instructional momentum, work toward group focus and plan a learning environment that is conducive to learning. Views Read Edit View history. This overlapping ties into the momentum aspect. The teacher can have students make hand gestures, that will tell the teacher whether the student has a comment or question concerning the lesson. Auth with social network: Once the students are doing their work the teacher can ibstructional to the tardy student and tell them what they kounun or answer any questions from the homework assigned the night before.

Effective transitions, according to Kounin, include keeping lessons moving with avoiding abrupt changes.