In this evocative study of the fall of the Mughal Empire and the beginning of the Raj, award-winning historian William Dalrymple uses previously undiscovered. By: William Dalrymple Media of The Last Mughal This Mughal is Bahadur Shah Zafar II, one of the most tolerant and likeable of his remarkable dynasty who. Buy The Last Mughal: The Fall of Delhi, by William Dalrymple (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery.

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But as this, and another book that I read earlier this year point out, that perhaps religious motivations were the biggest drivers behind the great uprising.

Bahadur Shah Zafar-II, the last emperor of that dynasty, came to the throne when the political power of the Mughals was already in steep decline. Importantly, it directs our attention to several of our presend-day issues and attitudes, a direct result of our legacy.

The Last Mughal – William Dalrymple

And amidst all this was Bahadur Shah II, pen-name Zafar – the eighty year old monarch of a once great dynasty that had lost everything. The Battle for Afghanistan, Paperback. Luckily for me I dalrrymple already been to many of the places mentioned in the book due to my interest in Delhi’s architectural heritage and also consulted some old maps of Delhi available online.

He wrote the highly acclaimed bestseller In Xanadu when he was twenty-two. I had thought that Dalrymple would never surpass his performance in writing From the Holy Mountain, but The Last Mughal has caused me wlliam think again.


Deprived of real political power by the East India Company, he nevertheless succeeded in creating a court of great brilliance, and presided over one of the great cultural renaissances of Indian history. The social fabric of city drastically changed.

The Last Mughal: The Fall of Delhi, William Dalrymple: Bloomsbury Publishing

Also by William Dalrymple. But he was a weak and vacillating figure not fit to be a leader of men. Crystal chandeliers dangled sometimes two or three to a room; oils of sunflowers and tumbling kittens that would have looked at home on the Hyde Park railings hung below garishly gilt cornices.

This is history at its very best–vivid, immersive and compulsively readable. While he is not a heroic figure ofhe was an accomplished poet and a sufi mystic.

The Last Mughal is a portrait of the dazzling Delhi Zafar personified, the story of the last days of the great Mughal capital and its final destruction in the catastrophe of Jan 27, Subhashish Sarkar rated it it was amazing. For he died five years after the mutiny, in faraway Burma, a frail year-old who was spoon-fed on broth by the handful of family and retainers he had been allowed to take with him into exile.

Zafar the ditherer

First, he used multiple sources many of which were previously unexplored that allowed his story to be wonderfully unbiased in either direction. Apr 03, Aasem Bakhshi rated it it was amazing Shelves: I believe that one of the first things that need to be done after reading a book such as this to literally take a bow to the author for his efforts. Penguin Viking Published In: Fundamentally, he did two things. I had ordered a whole bunch of books on Near East and Islamic history and this one arrived at the library first.


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See all reviews. Reading it was indeed experiencing history.

For he died five years after the mutiny, in faraway Burma, a frail year-old who was spoon-fed on broth by the handful of family and retainers he had been allowed to take with him into exile. Jul 14, Yasmin rated it it was amazing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The work of an extra-ordinary effort, this book shows us the very intriguing and dalry,ple tale of the fall of Mughal dynasty. Open Preview See a Problem? Instead, “this steady crescendo of insensitivity” on da,rymple part of people like Jennings and their governing superiors was directly responsible for the mutiny: For the Americans, what Benazir Bhutto wasn’t was possibly more attractive even than what she was.

After quietly taking the first few blows, he hit the businessman hard enough to break his nose. Dalrymple lets the characters tell their own tales: Greatness is sometimes easy to recognize and yet difficult to describe. The Last Mughal Synopsis At 4 p. Seldom have I read a book so intriguing. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. The religious underpinnings of the rebellion were exacerbated by an untimely British decision to end the Mughal line of succession.

But we are not here for British-bashing, that can happen maybe someday later.