LE ADERITESTIINSTRUMENTS DE. MODEL LDM DISTORTION METER. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS. PITON. TEISIN DS3rtso. LEADER ELECTRONICS . I’m looking for a LEADER LDM distortion meter service manual. to you, if you need this, is a service manual of LDM distortion meter. Path: /leader/ldm/. This is the These manuals are available for download and free of charge. Manual for the Leader Model LDM Distortion Meter.

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Continuously variable, 20ms 50Hz to 5s 0. Also some files are djvu so you need djvu viewer to open them. It definitely tells you more than nothing!

Full text of “Leader: LFG S”

DC Output – Set: Check waveform at TP2 T, main board for triangular wave. No; Troubleshoot regulated power supplies. This file is downloadable free of charge: There is no preview for this item! Check all control settings, an incorrect setting can make a good unit appear defective. Then again, it can only measure to.

Symmetry Symmetry of the square wave is controlled by comparator Q, Q and IC, Adjusting VR, symmetry control, changes the voltage applied to Mqnual changing the symmetry of the applied square wave. That way you can measure back tension too.

The name says is all it measures distortion, but, you have to tune the meter to the frequency of the signal you’re putting into it. At Test Equipment Expo you’ll find the best prices on Leader audio equipment.


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Troubleshoot modulator and associated circuit. Page 1 of 1. Check waveform at junction of VR T—main board and Function switch for triangular wave. Ldj-171 really want a dual channel so you don’t have to constantly go back and forth switching test leads or remember what the reading was for one channel so you can look at the other channel. Leader Instruments employs rigorous testing at every stage of production and their commitment to quality is evident in every piece of equipment that they manufacture.

A distortion meter looking at Leader LDM 2: This is connected to X-axis of an oscilloscope. Attenuation is OdB with buttons out and 70dB with all buttons depressed. Good luck to the repair! Good grief, you’re right! Leader manufactures a comprehensive selection of audio equipment that includes audio generators, distortion meters, audio monitors, sound analysis solutions and wow and flutter meters.

Function switch and associated circuit. The master generator is a VCG and the secondary generator produces a sawtooth waveform that sweeps the frequency of the master generator. Troubleshoot output stage and associated circuit. If this is the reason, announce it with the blue man icon on the top and I remove it. Now you tell me what you know. Check all circuit for visual defects such as ,eader component, loose connection, open wire, poor soldering etc. Remember to factor in it’s residual distortion of.


I have various lubes, cleaners and tools. The sawtooth is applied to the H OUT connector on the rear panel. It is a measuring device, not a generator. Some troubles can be solved with proper adjustment. I guess the first thing I’d do is measure a generator and look for one that’s reasonably low to use as a test source.

Very nice, a good piece of gear, Leader gear offers maximum value for the dollar and long lasting reliable performance, especially when bought previously enjoyed. This week I purchased the following: Troubleshoot Function switch and associated circuit.

Leader Audio Equipment

Troubleshoot output amplifier, attenuator. The built in function generator is nice on the distortion meter as it eliminates needing 2 pieces of gear to do one job.

Buying a “used” scope. Have you got a distortion meter and frequency counter yet, or in mind? Do you have a manual? Books Support This Site: JPG hello anyone have one? Frequency can also be controlled by manuual externa? Hello, I was just curious