It is a retelling of the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast set in modern-day New York City from the view of the beast. Flinn researched many. Beastly is a novel by Alex Flinn. It is a retelling of the fairytale Beauty and the Beast set in modern-day New York City from the view of the beast. Flinn. Fera – Beastly (Em Portugues do Brasil) [Alex Flinn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. O livro de Alex Flinn e uma adaptacao moderna do .

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She made it modern, but didn’t change the BIG details.

Beastly: Lindy’s Diary by Alex Flinn

She shown me the beauty of the beast that Adrian never consider himself in Beastly. While I have a bio on Goodreads as a service to my readers, I do not visit Goodreads on a regular basis. The shallow playboy learns to love for the first time, and to sacrifice – to let the one most precious to him go free and choose her own destiny, even though that means that he may never return to his human form. The emotions of the characters and the things they go through will have you at the edge of your seat.

Views Read Edit View history. Gah as for Lisette! Kinda… Here we get to understand, Kendra, the witch.

Official Movie Trailer http: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Beastly is a modern rendition of a man without kindness changing from the zlex – the perfect, rich and handsome Kyle who thinks that ugly, or even plain people are not worth looking at, turns into the dark, brooding and lonely Adrian who seeks the beauty of his roses in order to forget about his own hidious appearance.


Beastly: Lindy’s Diary

One of the things she told us about writing a novel was that the story should be about what the main character wants. Organize a boycott of all the Harry Potter books because they gave me ideas?

She’s one of those girls, the one who puts on her halo when the adults are around and pops out the horns and tail when they’re not. The characters were stereotypical and not worth remembering. So I’ve had this book in my TBR list since it came out a believe almost ten years ago i think and I wish I had read it when I was younger Emma compares herself constantly to Lisette, and feels like she can never compete.

Moreover, some of her actions that seemed selfish or surprising beadtly the book are beautifully explained in her diary. This girl really tried her best, without her enormous help those two stupid kids may have never had their HEA. This probably influenced my interest in witches It also means I can’t use that as a password or security question — and no, I won’t tell you my first pet’s name.

When I reached the end of the novella bewstly, I was once again disappointed with the last diary entry.

Alex Flinn – Wikipedia

Beastly 24 7 May 18, I fpinn this retelling, I felt like I got more than I thought I would, 4 fairy tales in 1 book! Beastly is now a major motion picture starring Vanessa Hudgens. All he wants to do is just laugh in her face This is information that everyone should know! It was beaslty a happily ever after and I found myself sad after reading it. Dos cosas para comentar. After I came back from the dead immortal, remember?


It’s the look in his eye. Although Originally posted on Pretty In Fiction. I hate mean characters, especially when the mean characters are mean to the protagonists. She is one of my favorite authors and will remain so, I feel so fortunate to have been able to read her books and even more fortunate to have been able to read the ARC of Bewitching; a masterpiece in storytelling and One-Sit-Read for this reviewer!

The novel is written in the perspective of three people: Moreover, I wish this book had been longer, because it was such a pleasant lecture.

I just really want to know what eventually happened to Mr. So I read this in like 2 hours, and it was cute. In a way, he reminded me of a young Anthony Zacchara, the crazy NYC mobster from General Hospitalwho used to coo over his rose aalex.

Review posted in Blackplume.

This was the first project to flunn developed by the new film arm of CBS Corporationwith the option of the Harper Teen book announced in December Giving a glimpse into her somewhat lonely life endears Kendra to the reader.